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The World Mycotoxin Forum is the leading international meeting series on mycotoxins of interest to the food and feed industry.

The World Mycotoxin Forum's main objectives are:

  • to provide a unique platform for the food and feed industry, regulatory authorities and science;
  • to exchange information and experiences on the various aspects of mycotoxins;
  • to review current knowledge related to mycotoxins in food and feed;
  • to discuss strategies for prevention and control of mycotoxin contamination ensuring the safety of food  and feed supply.

The following key issues were addressed at the third conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum:

  • regulatory issues and international developments;
  • progress on major mycotoxins and emerging problems;
  • mycotoxin prevention: what's on the horizon;
  • trends in mycotoxin analysis;
  • mycotoxins in the feed chain.

As a comprehensive overview the third conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum offered an excellent way to network and to share ideas, providing a reference source for anyone involved in this field.

The third conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum was held on 10-11 November 2005 at Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The fourth conference of the World  Mycotoxin Forum will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on
6-7 November 2006.



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