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The World Mycotoxin Forum   6th conference

Welcome to the 6th conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum, which will be held in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, 8-10 November 2010. The 6th conference will be aimed at the latest developments to combat the mycotoxin problem, including:

  • presentations and discussions in plenary meetings and parallel sessions
  • poster sessions
  • spotlight presentations covering a wide range of topics including case studies and industry updates
  • a concurrent instrument/manufacturers exhibition providing information on products, equipment and services

Climate change and food security will get special emphasis during the 6th conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum. In addition, this year's conference is different from other years: besides its main focus on mycotoxins, it will deal with plant toxins and marine biotoxins.

The World Mycotoxin Forum is proud to announce that the 6th conference will host special sessions of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI Europe). In these special sessions the organisations will present an update on their past and ongoing actions, and future strategies for mycotoxin and marine biotoxin issues in relation to food safety and security.

About The World Mycotoxin Forum

The World Mycotoxin Forum is the leading international meeting series on mycotoxins where food and feed industry representatives meet with people from universities and governments from around the world. The main objectives of The World Mycotoxin Forum are:

  • to provide a unique platform for the food and feed industry, regulatory authorities and science
  • to exchange information and experiences on the various aspects of mycotoxins
  • to review current knowledge related to mycotoxins in food and feed
  • to discuss strategies for prevention and control of mycotoxin contamination ensuring the safety of food and feed supply.




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