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About 'World Mycotoxin Journal'

'World Mycotoxin Journal' is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with only one specific area of focus: the promotion of the science of mycotoxins. The journal contains original research papers and critical reviews in all areas dealing with mycotoxins, together with opinions, a calendar of forthcoming mycotoxin-related events and book reviews. The journal takes a multidisciplinary approach, and it focuses on a broad spectrum of issues, including toxicology, risk assessment, occurrence, modelling and prediction of toxin formation, genomics, molecular biology for control of mycotoxigenic fungi, pre-and post-harvest prevention and control, sampling, analytical methodology and quality assurance, food technology, economics and regulatory issues. 'World Mycotoxin Journal' is intended to serve the needs of researchers and professionals from the scientific community and industry, as well as of policy makers and regulators.
'World Mycotoxin Journal' is issued four times a year (February/May/August/November). Each issue contains approximately 100 pages. The journal is published by Wageningen Academic Publishers in co-operation with Bastiaanse Communication and The World Mycotoxin Forum. Editor-in-chief: Hans P. van Egmond.

Presentations at the 6th conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum will be published in a special 2011 issue of 'World Mycotoxin Journal'.

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