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Wednesday 19 November 2008

08.30 - 12.30  Workshops

Workshop 1
Sampling and import control (optional)

This workshop is now fully booked. If you would like to go on a reserve list in case of cancellations, please tick the appropriate box on the conference registration form.

A half-day excursion to the Port of Rotterdam will be organised for a practical workshop on sampling and import control. Important note: The number of participants for the workshop will be limited to 20 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Commission Regulation (EC) No. 401/2006, laying down the methods of sampling and analysis for the official control of the levels of mycotoxins in foodstuffs, describes precisely for a lot of different foodstuffs how sampling has to be carried out.

Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, describes how official controls have to be performed, especially import control, to ensure the verification of compliance with feed and food law, animal health and animal welfare rules.

In this workshop will be shown how the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority of the Netherlands has implemented these items in practice. The risk-based set-up of the sampling plan, the cooperation with customs, the sampling procedure in practice in a warehouse and the measures taken after violation of the regulations.

The schedule for this workshop is:

  • Travel to a sampling site, i.e., a warehouse, in the Port of Rotterdam
  • Sampling of a consignment of nuts
  • Travel to the regional office of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
  • Presentation of the working-method of the import control team
  • Lunch

Workshop 2
Mycotoxin detection and mycotoxin risk management (optional)

Sponsored and presented by Biomin and Romer Labs. Please note: (i) Attendance at this workshop is free for participants of the fifth conference of The World Mycotoxin Forum, and (ii) there is no limit on the number of participants.

08.30 Romer Labs: Recent trends in mycotoxin reference analysis

  • LC/MS/MS methods for mycotoxin detection
  • Stable isotope labelled mycotoxin calibrants
  • Discussion with the experts

10.30 Biomin: New approach microbiologicals for deactivating mycotoxins!

  • Mycotoxin survey of different commodities or industrial by-products
  • Latest scientific findings of microbiological mycotoxin deactivation
  • Results of the in vitro and in vivo studies
  • Discussion with the experts

12.30 End of workshop 2



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