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Cope with today's big challenges in food and feed analysis.........

  • multitarget screening
  • lower detection limits
  • wider range of matrices
  • shorter time

..........by visiting Rapid Methods Europe 2010!

Rapid Methods Europe
is a series of events dedicated to the latest developments in analytical methods and instrumentation for food and feed safety and quality. During the years it has strengthened its position as an important meeting point for science and industry. Rapid Methods Europe presents new and cutting-edge technologies, the two main topics being microbiology and contaminants detection. 

Rapid Methods Europe 2010 features:

  • Plenary lectures & parallel sessions
  • Reviews and case studies
  • Contributed papers (oral presentations)
    The Advisory Committee particularly encourages the submission of contributed papers about the specific topic areas. All scientists working in the field of rapid testing research are invited to submit their most recent research papers to the conference.
  • Poster sessions
  • Interactive workshops & demonstrations
  • Technical presentations
    A special presentation facility for sponsors and exhibitors to promote their products in more detail.
  • Instrument & manufacturers exhibition
  • Matchmaking event
    The best opportunity to meet companies and research institutes throughout Europe to identify possibilities for international R&D co-operation.
  • CONffIDENCE Open Day
    Rapid Methods Europe 2010 proudly announces that it will host the CONffIDENCE Open Day on Wednesday afternoon 27 January 2010. The CONffIDENCE research project (Seventh Framework Programme, FP7) aims to further improve food safety in Europe by the development of faster and more cost-efficient methods for the detection of a wide range of chemical contaminants in different food and feed commodities.

As a comprehensive overview Rapid Methods Europe 2010 offers an excellent way to network and to share ideas, providing a reference source for anyone wishing to gain insight into the latest developments in analytical methods and instrumentation for food and feed safety and quality.




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